Dive Deeper in Faith: Join a Life Group

Watch our short video to see how life groups can enhance your spiritual journey and provide a supportive community. 

Feel the power of collective growth and learning in an intimate, nurturing environment. 

To become part of a Life Group, simply text LIFEGROUP to 33777 and you'll be guided through the easy process of joining.


From Rubble to Renewal Life Group Sessions

Embark on a Transformative 6-Week Journey with Us

Discover Renewal in Community

Join us this February, 2024 for an extraordinary journey of faith and fellowship with our "From Rubble to Renewal" Life Group sessions. Spanning six weeks, these sessions are based on the insightful teachings of "From Rubble to Renewal: The Nehemiah Strategy for Modern Times," guiding us to find strength and wisdom in scripture.

Flexible Participation - In-Person and Online

Whether you're near or far, we have a place for you. Our Life Groups meet both live, for those who can join us in person, and online, ensuring everyone can be a part of this enriching experience. Each group offers a warm, welcoming environment to explore faith, share insights, and grow together.

Why Join a Life Group?

- Deepen Your Understanding: Dive into the Nehemiah Strategy and uncover its relevance in our modern lives.

- Foster Genuine Connections: Engage in meaningful discussions and build lasting relationships with fellow believers.

- Experience Personal Growth: Discover new perspectives and experience spiritual growth in a supportive community setting.

Ready to Join?

Embark on this journey with us and see how the wisdom of Nehemiah can transform not just our Sundays, but every day of our lives. 

Sign up for a Life Group today by texting LIFEGROUP to 33777. 

Let's explore the path of renewal together.

Connect with a Life Group

Life Groups

As we joyfully resume large-group, in-person services, it's important to remember that our life groups remain a vital part of Mars Hill Baptist Church. We're embracing creativity to maintain our connections in these challenging times.

We are mindful of the need for social distancing but equally conscious of avoiding social isolation. Hence, online gatherings for our life groups can be a perfect solution.

To become part of a community group, simply text LIFEGROUP to 33777 and you'll be guided through the easy process of joining.

Transformation Happens In Circles



It's a powerful adage that captures the essence of spiritual growth: Information happens in rows, but transformation happens in circles.

At Mars Hill, we understand that inspiration flows while seated in rows, yet true connection and deeper understanding form in the closeness of circles. This is why we emphasize our life group strategy, which focuses on creating small, intimate groups of 10–15 people.

These groups are not just about fellowship; they're a journey into the heart of scripture, providing insights into who God is, the vision of our church, and each individual's divine purpose.

Join a life group and transition from the passive alignment of rows to the dynamic engagement of circles, where personal transformation unfolds. 

Zoom: A Virtual Home for Mars Hill Life Groups

Zoom stands out as a prime choice for hosting our life groups at Mars Hill, offering a stable platform for video meetings. It's an accessible solution, free for sessions up to 40 minutes—perfect for quick check-ins or discussions.

For more extended gatherings that go beyond the 40-minute mark, Zoom’s monthly subscription is reasonably priced. The platform’s features include real-time chat and the capability to share resources, making discussions more interactive and resourceful.

Additionally, Zoom's breakout rooms can enhance smaller group discussions within our life groups. The platform's ease of use extends to downloading on various devices like computers, phones, or tablets, ensuring everyone can join in.

Scheduling is streamlined with Zoom; meeting links can be sent out, providing easy access for all participants.

Life Groups Meeting In Person

For those who opt for in-person life group meetings, we advocate for prudence and care:

  • Exchange traditional hugs and handshakes with warm smiles.
  • Wash your hands frequently to ensure hygiene and safety.

We also encourage exploring alternative methods of staying connected:

  • Consider creating a group text chat for sharing prayer requests and encouragement.
  • Discuss ways your group can support each other, your neighbors, and the wider community.

These measures will help ensure that our fellowship remains a source of comfort and strength, even as we navigate these unprecedented times together.

We’re here to help you as well if you need! Reach out to your Community Group Leader or send an email to brenda@marshillchgo.org