Beyond The Building (2024)

A Journey of Faith


Beyond The Building Campaign

Join us at Mars Hill Anywhere as we embrace the extraordinary journey "Beyond The Building" in 2024, building on the momentum of 2023's achievements. Through our unwavering faith and collective action, we've witnessed remarkable growth and now aim to enhance our community engagement by meeting every Sunday. 


Online Campus

When COVID-19 hit, there was a dire need for our digital ministry reach to expand. We saw a great opportunity through online and television, and even amidst the COVID-19 restrictions, we reached unprecedented numbers of people. 

We took 2020 as a God- given moment to reach more people in this time of need. Now, we are seeing between 2k per week between online services. We have been able to expand the vision of Beyond The Building in our local community and the world.

Our vision is to build a state-of-the-art audio/video studio to film, edit, produce, and distribute content worldwide. 

The Need:
Immediate: $250,000


Current Location

The Project: Through our network of partners, we're excited to partner with Crystal Sky Banquets to host Sunday services while we locate and secure a new facility. 

The Need: 
Immediate: $1000/weekly

7941 47th Street
McCook, IL 60525

give today!

Help us Scratch Some Stuff Off Our List

By sponsoring an item you are ensuring that we can get all the pieces we need to launch our Mars Hill Anywhere worship services. 

Whether you donate for a piece of equipment, furniture, or supplies, you will literally be making an impact for generations.

Most people look to officials or politicians to change their communities. By being a part of the movement of Mars Hill Anywhere, you are making a difference and changing our communities for the better!

Our next step as a church is so important. Help us make Mars Hill Anywhere the kind of place you have come to love, and watch as God uses your generosity to change lives.


  1. Camera 1 - Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera $1148 [PURCHASED]
  2. Camera 2 - Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera $1148 [PURCHASED]
  3. Lens 1 - Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS Lens $299 [PURCHASED]
  4. Lens 2 - Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Lens - $129 [PURCHASED]
  5. (2) Fluid Head Video Tripod 1 - $440
  6. (2) Power Supply for Cameras - $60 [PURCHASED]
  7. RodeCaster Pro Sound Interface - $599 [PURCHASED]
  8. iMac Computer - $1200 [PURCHASED]
  9. CalDigit Thunderbolt Dock - $299 [PURCHASED]

Purchases will be made in order of priority as needed for the launch of our livestream and NEW Location.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Prefer to pay by check? Simply indicate the item you'd wish to sponsor in the memo line of your check, and mail it to the church office at: 

Mars Hill Baptist Church

PO Box 6159

River Forest, IL 60305

GIVE today!


We are encouraging everyone in our church family to join us in making a commitment to the Beyond The Building vision. 

To express your commitment, you can fill out a Commitment Card that details how much you feel led to give above and beyond your tithes towards the Beyond The Building campaign. 

To fill out a Commitment Card, you click the button below.

Beyond The Building

We’re launching a church-wide initiative called, “Beyond The Building”. The goal is for 300-400 people to commit to giving an extra $21.00 per week, in addition to their tithe and offerings. This will provide funds to secure a facility, and aid in our relocation efforts. Thank you!


You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

Beyond The Building FAQs

Q: Has the church building been sold?

A: Yes, we sold our facilities and closed on March 19, 2021

Q: Will we be relocating to another location?

A: Yes, our temporary facility is located at 7941 W. 47th Street McCook, IL (near LaGrange, IL, Riverside, IL area)

Q: Parking for the new location under consideration was not clear. Is there room to increase parking from the current 18 spaces?

A: The potential location has 18 parking spaces. We see this facility housing our offices, in-house production studio, and a space where our community groups can meet. We will worship at the McCook location (over 200 parking spaces) until we find a suitable location. 

Q: If parking can be increased at some future date, what do we do about parking for the interim period?


Q: Does the location being considered have room for growth as the membership increases?

A:  Yes, the potential location will be available 7-days a week for community group gatherings, filming and production. 

Q: Since we are presenting to the Village as a for-profit Performing Arts Center, is it owned by the nonprofit MH Church / MH Anywhere? Will MH use the space for worship service?

A: The space will be owned and operated by Mars Hill Baptist Church and made available for community gatherings, rented to organizations, and house all of our in-house production. It will be a joint venture: profit and not-for-profit. 

Q: Since this would be a profit vs. nonprofit scenario, what is the impact of taxes and insurance?

A: A portion of the space will be taxable. We will consult with our attorneys, accountant to secure the best deal. 

Q: After the August 1st onsite service, how often will we have an onsite service while awaiting access to the new location?

A: We secured a deal with our preferred partner that will allow us to worship twice a month. Once we assess our current membership, we will be able to move forward with worshipping every week. 

Q: Will we continue to have periodic online service when we are back in a physical space?

A: YES! We will continue online worship since it’s a VITAL part of our ministry going forward. We will continue being a hybrid church. One that worships in person and online. Online is the future and we would be remiss in our duties to discontinue or diminish it.