Life Groups

Even though we aren’t meeting in large groups for in-person services, we want to make sure everyone was aware that our Life Groups are NOT canceled - we will have to get more creative about how to connect with one another.

As we navigate this difficult season, we need to take precautions about social distancing, but we also need to make sure we don’t slide into social isolating. 

Connecting on-line could be a great option for your group as a way to meet! There are many options for meeting digitally, but here are three of our favorites that are easily accessible and user- friendly.

If you would like to join a community group, text lifegroup to 1-844-390-3808 and follow the prompts. 

Transformation Happens In Circles



It’s well known in churches that while people get inspired in rows, they get connected in circles. 

Our Life Group strategy revolves around everyone getting into groups of 10-15 people, and learn about who God is, what the church is about and what their purpose is by digging into scripture. 

Let’s move people out of rows and into circles. 

Life Groups Meeting Online

Zoom is an excellent platform to hold a group as it provides options to set up group meetings with stable video support. It is free for meetings up to 40 minutes. 

A monthly subscription for group meetings beyond 40 minutes is affordable. Zoom provides the ability to chat and upload resources during the meeting. 

There are breakout room options as well. Zoom can be easily downloaded on a computer, phone or tablet. Meetings can be scheduled with links sent to participants for access to the meeting.

Life Groups Meeting In Person

If you do still choose to meet in person at someone’s home, continue to use common sense precautions. Keep space between you 6 feet minimum), trade hugs and handshakes for smiles, and of course, wash your hands often!

We encourage you to figure out other ways to stay connected during this season. Maybe start a text group chat where you can share prayer requests with one another. Figure out how to come together to meet the needs of your group, your neighbors and your local communities. 

We’re here to help you as well if you need! Reach out to your Community Group Leader or send an email to

Upcoming Events

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