More than anything, 

God wants to heal you.


We carry deep scars, forever trying to live good enough. Think good enough. Be good enough. Unfortunately, our efforts are not enough. Never will be.

But what if those wounds could be healed? What if you could be loved and accepted JUST AS YOU ARE?

That's our God. The Great Physician. The One who cures our sickness and makes us whole.

How is this possible? God sent His Son, Jesus, to accept the punishment that was rightfully yours and mine. And through this incredible, unfathomable act of love, 

He is saying:

"You, weary one ... come to Me and find rest."

"You, who feels worthless ... come to Me and be treasured."

"You, who says, 'I'm not good enough' ... you are perfect in my sight."

That's the God we want you to know.

You see, Mars Hill isn't a museum, where shiny perfect people sit on pristine shelves, not to be touched by the grimy hands of the not-good-enough. Our church is a hospital, full of sick and wounded sinners, desperate for healing ... and finding it through the blood of Jesus Christ.

You ARE good enough. Just as you are. No matter what. This is grace. This is what Mars Hill is all about. Come find joy in the healing. We can't wait to meet you.